The 15″ MacBook Pro batteries that overheat can no longer travel by plane

The european Agency of air security (EASA) and its u.s. counterpart of the FAA warned the airlines that Apple had carried out the recall of a number of MacBook Pro batteries can overheat. It is known that the batteries and the aircraft do not make good bedfellows, you remember the episode of the Galaxy Footnote 7

In the United States, the guidelines are strict : the electronic devices in which the batteries are subject to recall should not be embedded in the aircraft or in the cargo hold or in the cabin. Several airlines have confirmed to Bloomberg that they had implemented the flight ban : TUI Group Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Italy and Air Transat. Others will follow.

EASA explained that the passenger who carries such a computer in the cabin should not be used during the flight, it should not be reloaded and it is important that the machine is turned off. The traveler must also inform the crew when the computer is damaged, too hot, if it escapes from the smoke, if the device is lost, or if it falls into a difficult place to access.

As soon as a computer affected by the problem is with the new battery, so it can travel safely by plane. Remains to be seen how the passengers who have a MacBook Pro under the arm will be taken care of before the flight : attendants at the airport security will they take the money (and the time) to check whether the machines are “good for service” ?

The battery replacement program for certain MacBook Pro 15-inch mid-2015. 432 000 computers sold in the United States and 26,000 in Canada will have to spend on the operating table, not to mention the rest elsewhere in the world. The page of the program of Apple allows you to know if a machine is affected, and initiate the callback procedure.