The Lord of the Rings : Amazon will have to respect the canon

If Amazon changes something in his adaptation of the Lord of the Rings, this will be at the margin. The canon of the work of Tolien will have to be followed to the letter ! Tom Shippey, the supervisor of the Tolkien Estate, explained that the organization had “insisted “that Amazon does not alter the” general form ” of the Second Age of the saga.

No question of doing anything

The series developed for Premium Video is interested in this period of time during which Sauron is growing in power. It is also during the Second Age, as the master of evil, loses the game in the face of Isildur and chipe the Ring. Nevertheless, there is what to embroider : if the facts have been well established, there is still a lot of unresolved questions.

The writers of Amazon, therefore, have a certain margin of freedom to imagine events that have not been thought of by Tolkien (as, for example, what did Sauron after the fall of Morgoth ?). What they cannot do however, is go against the writings of the author.

The Tolkien Estate has a right of veto over the content of the series, which, therefore, takes place before the first three movies of Peter Jackson. Amazon hopes to be able to offer the series in 2021, but production having just started, it is possible that this season has any kind of delay.