Trump appreciates the phone calls to Tim Cook

Donald Trump appreciates the telephony connection that he has with Tim Cook, who calls it ” every time there is a problem “.

During a discussion with journalists in front of the White House, the u.s. president explained that the Apple boss was “a great leader “because he was then called as” others do not “.

The presidential couple american with Tim Cook, on August 11, 2018, for a dinner at Bedminster, one of the golf clubs Donald Trump. Picture : @FLOTUS

While it is easy to guess that the opinions of Tim Cook are not all aligned on those of Trump, the head of Apple has worked hard to get his group between the obstacles placed on his way by the u.s. administration.

Others will spend large sums to hire consultants, Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly , “continued the president.

Trump has repeated the reasoning which has prevailed for deciding a delay on the application of customs duty that would have knocked the iPhone from China.

The benefit to the primary opponent of Apple : “The problem was that Samsung, a competitor, its competitor, does not pay duties, and that Tim Cook would” therefore ” I have to help in the short term, as it is an excellent american company “.