Anne Gravoin divorced from Manuel Valls : an evening with his companion on the Manko

Anne Gravoin and Nicolas Guiraud know each other for a long time. Their passion for music has often led us to work together. Today, their complicity is not only musical but much more intimate. In fact, the violinist of 53-year-old form a couple with the conductor.

Since a few months already, the two musicians multiplying the appearances together, sharing a closeness not concealed in front of the photographers, as in June last, when they had participated in the inauguration of the hotel Barrier as The Grand Hotel Dinard.

On September 12, 2019, Anne Gravoin and Nicolas Guiraud have been invited to attend another inauguration, that of the club Manko in Paris, who celebrated his comeback. All dressed in black, the violinist, has remained very sober in front of the photographers, the poses official with his companion. But once on the dance floor, change of atmosphere since Anne Gravoin had been carried away by the music alongside Benjamin Patou, CEO of Moma Group.

This relationship is the first of Anne Gravoin since his divorce with Manuel Valls. The former Prime minister, 57-year-old had formalized their separation after twelve years of love in April 2018, with Paris Match. Shortly after, the one that has stood the city hall of Barcelona, in vain, had turned the page from the heiress Catalan Susana Gallardo. The couple, engaged, will get married Saturday, September 14 on the Balearic islands.