Apple confirms that the titanium is lighter than stainless steel… but not as much as advertised

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel, as explained by Apple in the press release of the Apple Watch Series 5. So how is it that the weight of the Apple Watch Edition in titanium is the same as the version in stainless steel ? This was the case until today : Apple has reviewed the specifications of the case, which is ultimately (and logically) more lightweight.

The Apple Watch Series 5 titanium weighs with 35.1 grams (40 mm) or 41.7 grams (44 mm). It is about 13% less that the rate was 40.6 and 47.8 grams of the stainless steel case (40 and 44 mm). Lighter, but not as much as the 45% being touted at the moment by the manufacturer on the French page of the product… but more on the US version.

45% lighter in French…

… lighter for short in English.

The Apple Watch Series 5 titanium is sold from 849 €, with delivery 20 September. This model comes in silver and black sidereal beauty.