Apple TV+ will have no impact on the margin of its products, ensures Apple

Even when they tell a lot of nonsense, Apple takes rarely the words of the analysts to correct it. Except for today, and it happened to Rod Hall, analyst at Goldman Sachs, which has said that the offer of the launch of Apple TV+ — the famous year free for the purchase of a device — would have a “negative impact” on the price average of the products of the manufacturer.

The one-year subscription to Apple TV+ is part of the selling points for the iPad 7.

According to the analyst, this introductory offer would result in a decrease of the profit margin on the devices, giving the right to the year of free. Therefore, Rod Hall revised downward its target price of the stock AAPL, 165 $. The analysis has changed the course of the title of 2.6%.

In a statement provided to CNBC, Apple rejects in block the about the analyst : the launch of Apple TV+ will not have a material impact on the financial results of the company, she says. Following this denial, the action resumed the hair of the beast, but always in the negative.