Authenticator, an app of open source that manages the second authentication factors

The iOS applications used to generate codes temporary in the framework of a two-step authentication does not fail. We have already mentioned the pretty Step Two, the cross-platform Authy or even the classic Google Authenticator, not to mention managers of passwords (Dashlane, 1Password…) that incorporate this feature.

The application Authenticator stands out of the lot by its appearance as open source. You can view its source code, a possibility which is always welcome when it comes to security software. If you have programming skills, you are even free to modify the application according to your needs and desires. Authenticator is based on the source code (abandoned) Google Authenticator.

The free code is the only advantage of the Authenticator on the competition. The application is basic : the interface is rudimentary and functions reduced to the essential.

The developer Authenticator has made the choice not to include a method of synchronization in order to strengthen the safety (no risk that the latter factors are operated from another device), but this is at the expense of practicality.