Bob Iger, boss of Disney, resigned from the board of directors of Apple

Apple and Disney all want two to crunch the larger end of the market streaming. Since the services of the respective companies have been announced and will launch a few weeks away (November 1st for Apple TV+, 12 November for Disney+), the position of Bob Iger to the board of directors of Apple was more fragile.

Steve Jobs and Bob Iger, in 2006.

The CEO of Disney has decided to stop the cost : Bob Iger resigns from the board of Apple, we learned the SEC, the backdating of the stock Exchange. So, this is all what the paper says, waiting for possible additional information on the part of the manufacturer.

It is in 2011 that Robert A. Iger settled down around the table of directors of Apple. At the time, Tim Cook extolled the “strategic vision” of his new recruit within Disney, is based on the creation of the ” best creative content possible “, the use of the latest technology, and its thirst for innovation.

In some aspects, this announcement reminds us of the departure of Eric Schmidt from the board of Apple in August 2008. Google, of which he was the CEO, had become a competitor of Apple on the smartphone market. Disney, whose ties with Apple are deep (after all, the entertainment group has bought Pixar out of the hands of Steve Jobs), will be very soon a competitor of Apple in the sector of streaming.