Dany Boon : Yael mourning, the actor cancelled his trip to stay with her

It was thought, however, that the couple was experiencing difficult times. At the end of the year 2018, a weekly magazine people reveals that Dany Boon was separated from Yael. An announcement all the more shocking that a few months earlier, the actor of 53 years old he would spend a wonderful statement in the columns of Version Femina. “We love it, we get on well, we have built a family and work, it is more. As it is very accomplices, there is a facility to do things together, a mutual trust, a loving gaze on the other […] It is like the Song of old lovers jacques Brel’s, who says : ‘we had the talent to be old without being adults.’ It is it beautiful.

Regardless of the separation and the rumors about the duo that they are. Yael and Dany Boon are the parents of three children : Eytan, born on June 23, 2005, Elia, born on December 20, 2006 and Sarah, born prematurely on February 27, 2010. In spite of winds and tides, the couple are still so close in the difficult tests…