Géraldine Maillet and her daughter, “threatened with death” because of TPMP

Géraldine Maillet is a writer appreciated by the viewers for his honesty. Since 2016, the mother of a family of 47-year-old his place on the tray Key not at my post (C8) and participates in debates that are sometimes difficult on various subjects. Some of his pronouncements have not been greeted very favourably by some.

In a long interview with TV Mag, Géraldine Maillet revealed he feared for his life because of his participation in the talk show of Cyril Hanouna. “Themes earned me death threats on the social networks. I even had to file a complaint, file a handrail. It has threatened my daughter and all that !, explains the author. The case, Mennel, it has been very very hot for me. It was very violent, really, I was very scared. The yellow vests too. Last year, it was complicated as soon as one could criticise. It is necessary to pay attention.” Messages to the content is very violent : “You will croak, you and your daughter, “or “If I see on the street, I’ll unmount it“.

Threatened, yes, but not constricted to as much. “I try to say what I think with my heart and sincerity. Without a doubt, also with my clumsiness, with my brutality. I don’t have the whole truth but in any case I think to be fair, “said Géraldine Maillet.