Guillaume Gomez : The head of the Elysee shocked by the murder of Timothy, 19 years

For once, Guillaume Gomez has not shed a tear because of the cutting of onions. It is a terrible story that has deeply moved the chef of the Elysée : Timothy, a former trainee that he had taken under his wing in a recent past, like so many other young talents, has died at the age of 19 years in squalid circumstances. “You follow the news… you hear the drama […] and two days after, you discover her face, grieves does he have on his account Facebook. Timothy, a young Caterer and Pastry chef savoyard. And that ice-cream in the blood… the images come back. As many young each year that we welcome, Timothy, recommended by his professors, came to do her internship there two or three years ago in our kitchens.”

Come to attend the festival Woodstower, in the city of Lyon, Timothy has never been able to join his loved ones, living Bonvillard in Savoie. While he was waiting for the bus, the young prodigy has been stabbed three times. Poet, “full of the joy of life, music enthusiast and lover of animals“, the impetus of the former protégé of Guillaume Gomez, deeply moved, was cruelly stopped. “You had a whole life ahead of you, you have chosen excellence and a career that you loved, and your life, your destiny, you were abducted in mid-flight, unfairly and suddenly. My thoughts go out to your family, and your friends, all my condolences and my support in these horrible times, difficult, and terribly unfair. So unfair.” All our condolences…