Hayden Panettiere in a couple, with the brother of her ex violent ? It sows doubt

Decidedly, Hayden Panettiere is very family ! As you can see on the photographs published by the Daily Mail, the young american actress has been spotted in the streets of New York on September 4, 2019, hand in hand… with his former brother-in-law, Zach Hickerson… which is none other than the brother of her ex, Brian Hickerson. “Hayden and Zach are very good friends, “explained a source to the magazine People a few days earlier. And they are in for a good time.” Between a story of love and friendship, the duo may be finished by making her choice…

Things did not, however, ended in the greatest calm. As a reminder, Hayden Panettiere split with Brian Hickerson result of the domestic violence that he made him suffer. May 1, 2019, after an evening of a little too watered down, the police had been forced to intervene at their home hollywood and had unearthed many traces of blows on the body of the actress of 30 years. From the first moments, I noticed that she had bruises on the eyelids, a swollen face, could be read in the report about the altercation. It had marks on the neck, on the left side. As I continued to talk to him, she removed the sweater she was wearing. I saw bruises on both his arms.

In the last news, the couple was in spite of everything stayed together after the incident, until Hayden Panettiere not to get an order of protection. Meals of family promise to be rather complicated.

She no longer sees her daughter Kaya

Love does not always come to the right place. In the couple with the boxer Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko until 2018, Hayden Panettiere gave birth to a little girl named Kaya. Unfortunately, for the past year, dad has appropriate custody of the child, leaving the actress alone, away from the flesh of his flesh…