iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro : the new expected

The invitation to the press for the keynote of the September 10, sets the tone : ” By innovation only “. While the rumor predicted a “simple” refresh of the iPhone, Apple will actually have to put the package on innovation in order to impress his world.

Finally, the big unknown around the iPhone which will be unveiled by Apple on September 10, remains… their names ! Last year, the manufacturer had played a card blaring with the iPhone, XR, XS, and XS Max. Of surnames variously appreciated, which have led to confusion in the minds of consumers (read : The Apple Store forced to re-establish bonds with their customers).

For models of this year, Apple could drop the X (the roman numeral to say ” 10 “, still adding to the confusion when you rest a letter) to a simple ” 11 “. Less sexy without doubt, but more understandable. History of giving a patina of seriousness, the term ” Pro “, well-known in the ranges for Mac and iPad could also make its appearance.

In this context, the successor of the iPhone XR would simply become the iPhone 11, iPhone XS would be christened as iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone XS Max… iPhone 11 Pro Max ? This reminds me of the long names of Windows, a subject to endless teasing.

What we should keep

This is not this year that Apple is expected to upset an in-depth outline of the design is opened in 2017 with the iPhone X. The new models would retain their borders, similar in size to all sides, as well as the notch of course.

No change to non more to the side of technologies and screen sizes : the iPhone 11 (XR) would have an LCD screen of 6.1 inches (1 792 x 828), the iPhone 11 Pro (XS) a OLED screen of 5.8-inch (2 436 x 1 125) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (XS, Max) a OLED screen of 6.5 inches (2 688 x 1 242).

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Of course, the Face ID that should be again at the heart of the mechanisms of biometric authentication in the new iPhone. Apple should, however, improve the existing, which has not evolved so much between the iPhone X and iPhone XS/XR : the angle of view of the new sensor would be more important.

Face ID would be able to recognize a face even when the smartphone is laid flat on a table. Also hope that, like the iPad Pro, Face ID can be lifted to the horizontal. In this regard, the photo sensor in front would be 12 megapixel and five elements, compared to 7 megapixels and the four elements currently.

Like their predecessors, the iPhone of 2019 will be resistant to water, and even a little more than that. Apple would have strengthened this aspect, we should thus be able to submerge it in water longer than 30 minutes today.

What we should win

Undoubtedly, the great novelty of the range’s 2019 should be the sensor, additional photo on the back of smartphones. The iPhone 11 (new XR) would benefit as well of two modules photo : a wide angle and a telephoto lens, the latter offering the device with an optical zoom without a doubt the x2, as on the XS and XS Max. The photos in portrait mode, should benefit from this boost also.

Models ” Pro ” embark three cameras : a wide angle, a telephoto and an ultra wide angle. There is little doubt that Apple is going to push very hard on the opportunities offered by the third sensor, not only to create spectacular photographs as with the Galaxy S10, but also to “catch up” photos.


A Smart Frame would thus be to adjust and crop the more easily a photo to replace a subject. The perspective correction would also be easier. Finally, you can also bet on better pictures in environments of low brightness, an area where the Pixel works wonders.

The iPhone Pro could also offer a significant improvement regarding the recording video. Thus, it should be possible to edit, apply effects, and crop live video. What is widening the gap with competition that is not as sharp as Apple in this area.

This photo sensor extra would have pushed Apple to overhaul the back design of the iPhone. The modules and flash are supposed to be concentrated in a block for which the design will be more or less appreciated. At least, it is a distinctive sign…

A new range of iPhone also means new chip. The models are expected on September 10 should logically work with a system-on-chip A13, faster (but maybe not that much in the light of a first benchmark was assumed). One of the new features would be the presence of a new component on the SoC, a co-processor called ” AMX ” or “Matrix” that could bear the heavy calculations necessary for augmented reality.


iOS 13 is rustling technologies related to augmented reality. Apple would test and several helmets AR operator the cameras and sensors of the iPhone. One also wonders if it will be necessary to slide a smartphone into the headset, like an ordinary Cardboard carton, or if these devices will be self-sufficient (beware of the prices !).

After having been announced last year (but ultimately it was for the iPad Pro), a USB charger-C 18 Watts should finally be provided as a standard with the new iPhone. What does the fast reload. Quite a change compared to the adapter 5 Watts ! Of course, Apple will be sufficiently diligent to deliver also a USB cable-C/Lightning.

The location is refocused on the Apple logo could also be the “target” on which to file the case of the AirPods, or the Apple Watch to remplumer the batteries. Charging reverse would be the effect of the part in the cuvée 2019. Like the high-end of Samsung, the new iPhone would be office of external battery, to troubleshoot the devices compatible with Qi.

Bonus : new colours

To find the new colors of the future iPhone XR, it should probably not go far as… the invitation of the keynote. Green, blue, yellow, red, and purple lavender, that’s what sauce Apple could eat into its next smartphone colorful.

Compared to the current range of iphones XR, the white, the black and the coral would move to the trap door, although a rumor announced the continuation of the first two colors and the disappearance of the blue. The lavender and green are good party to be invited to the feast.

This dark green will he one of the new colors this year ?

As to the colours of the successors of the iPhone XS and XS is Max, the rumor has not been prolific in the matter. The range could just keep the colours silver, gold and space grey, but with a matte finish on the back : the grip should be easier, while doing blow off a little novelty.

What we might lose

The range’s 2019 of the iPhone could make a spell with 3D Touch. The technology of recognition of the pressure on the screen never really took off, the fault returning in the first place to Apple, which has never been known to put in value (read : Apple does not support enough 3D Touch).

The iPhone XR was shown the exit door to 3D Touch. The smartphone has indeed inaugurated the gestures with Haptic Touch, which is nothing other than support extended with a haptic feedback on devices that are so equipped. iOS 13 in wide use, including on the iPad which does not have the Taptic Engine.

Other notable loss, but that will (perhaps) less controversial : the inscription “iPhone” on the back could be gone, leaving a chassis that is completely blank of any registration, if this is not the Apple logo for the occasion, would be centered vertically and horizontally.

Concept Ben Geskin.

The registration regulations that no one reads, however, should stay in place on the iPhone models sold in Europe.

So there are things that could be lost… and others that may not (yet) have. This is the case of the USB-C : Apple will, without a doubt, the good old Lightning. So much the better for the ecosystem of accessories, but this leaves aside a whole market geared towards professionals (compatibility with monitors, USB-C and the hubs, for example). Not to mention a functioning easier in tandem with the Mac equipped with USB-C.

It will also need to wait a little before to benefit from ProMotion on the screens of the iPhone. This technology gives the iPad Pro animations very fluid and to cause the display rate grows up to 120 Hz. It is likely that we’ll have to settle this year of the 60-Hz standard (read : A display frequency up to 120 Hz for the iPhone of 2020 ?).

The question of support for Apple Pencil is also in the air. Aftermarket provides even a iPhone case 11 with a storage space for a pen ! It seems improbable, but an indiscretion back to 2017 announced already the support of the Pencil on the iPhone… 2019.

Not worth holding your breath no more for the 5G. The support of the new networks should not be available before next year. Apple will use Qualcomm to acquire chip 5G, waiting to finalize the development of its own modem thanks to patents and to the teams of Intel redeemed this summer.

When ?

The keynote is, of course, fixed in 10 September, but Apple will benefit as usual days to make up the mayonnaise with pre-orders, and then the marketing itself. The agenda for 2019 should align itself on that of previous years, with the launch of pre-orders on Friday, September 13, for delivery to and availability in store on Friday 20 September.

One buys ?

This is the question to 1 000 € (and more). The novelties presented this year does appeal to may not be the owners of iPhone XS or XR. But outside of fans of hardcore, the renewal cycle is now longer and the new models expected will be more of the eye to those who have bought an iPhone 8 or X two years ago.

But unfortunately for Apple, the rumors have not expected to begin to describe the iPhone next year. The 5G would be on the menu, as well as new screen diagonals, a sensor time of flight to the back, a display frequency of 120 Hz, of OLED screens for everyone… It is rumored even that Touch ID will make its grand return in tandem with Face ID. In short, this may be interesting enough to make wait another year and keep this ” old ” iPhone that finally, is still a good deal. We will have the heart net, after the launch of the iPhone 11.

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