J. J. Abrams didn’t want to be chained to Apple TV+, even for 500 million dollars

Apple was ready to put the wholesale price to offer the exclusive services of Bad Robot, the production company of director and successful producer J. J. Abrams. More than $ 500 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter, while the envelope for content to Apple TV+ would be around $ 6 billion. A lot of money, therefore, but, finally, J. J. Abrams has chosen to work for the next five years with WarnerMedia, against a cheque of 250 million ” only “.

Apple was part of potential partners for Bad Robot, which is proposed to deliver movies, TV series, video games, and digital project to the highest bidder. But now, the company also wanted to have the freedom to work with others, depending on the projects and desires. Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, the two heads of the brains behind Apple TV & have wanted to align the dollars, but with an obligation : that Bad Robot will produce for the streaming service of Apple.

This meant that J. J. Abrams was forbidden to work with Disney on future productions of Star Wars, or with the Paramount on Star Trek. The agreement with WarnerMedia won’t prevent J. J. Abrams to take care of the series planned for the Apple TV+, whose Little Voices.

Another concern : under the banner of exclusive Apple TV+, the production of Bad Robot saw a private broadcast to the cinema. However, the blockbusters of the company provide a lot of money at the box office. Apple also had another handicap, you don’t have to be big franchises. If the Paramount has managed to gain the favors of the director, it is especially because the major offered him to reboot Star Trek to the cinema.