Laeticia Hallyday : A close friend becomes the nanny of Jade and Joy

After several years spent with Gregory Boudou, Marilyn was separated from the big brother of Laeticia last may. A termination without animosity, as the ex-mates have remained friends and that Marilyn has retained the friendship and confidence of Laeticia, but also that of Jade and Joy. Both are also very close to their nanny, who took care of them in the past. One remembers that Jade had sent a nice message last may. “I have the aunt, the coolest of the whole world“, she had commented on Instagram in the caption of a photo of these two taken in the night in california.

Marilyn Issartier, inter alia, go get Jade and Joy at the exit of the lycée français de Los Angeles, where the sisters are educated and have done their back to school on 3 September.