Matthew Delormeau shock : His confidence challenged on Grégory Lemarchal

Matthew Delormeau has not made unanimity in Key not at my post on C8, Thursday 12 September 2019. Cyril Hanouna and his team are particular revenues on the launch of the season 8 of the Best Pastry, broadcast the day before on the M6. And after the evocation of one of the candidates, the chronicler of 45 years has a secret that shocked !

Among the candidates of the culinary show, viewers have gotten to know Sophie, a candidate in a wheelchair. On the three proposed tests, the woman 54-year-old has shined and has thus attracted the favor of the jurors Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. Many viewers are already seeing the winner of the season thanks to his talent.

On the other hand, Matthew Delormeau think she could win the victory for another reason : “I hope not to offend anyone, but it is not necessary that the emotion goes beyond technique. In her case, because it is so touching, and his story, that we want to make it win, ditto (and I love it) Grégory Lemarchal, but I remember being in the control room during the first show where he came and all of a sudden the producers have said : ‘This kid has won.’ Even if he sang well, others sang well and it was death for the other.

Outraged by his remarks, many of his colleagues have noted that the late Grégory Lemarchal – whose life will shortly be the subject of a biopic – deserved largely to its title as the winner of Star Academy 4. “It was well above the others. And Sophie cook very well“, he started Cyril Hanouna.