Patrick Balkany in prison : his wife Isabelle “bruised and worried,”

Patrick Balkany was sentenced Friday 13 September 2019 to four years in prison for tax evasion by the court of Paris, and his wife Isabelle to three years. Both have also been sentenced to a penalty of ineligibility of ten years, the legal maximum. Following the announcement of the verdict, to Me, Eric Dupond-Moretti, the lawyer of the mayor of Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), has indicated that he was appealing.

But unlike his wife, whose state of health is considered to be inconsistent with incarceration (she made a suicide attempt last spring), Patrick Balkany has been placed in detention. The term of deposit is “a humiliation totally unnecessary, and for us unbearable. I think we paid Balkany today.“, said Eric Dupond-Moretti in front of the press after the statement of judgment.

Patrick Balkany arrived around 1445 to the prison in paris the Health to be incarcerated. Placed in an unmarked car, escorted by three police officers, politician, 71-year-old has been detained in a district for vulnerable people, which, however, is not a specific neighborhood for “VIP,” said a source close to the case to the AFP.

Broken at the exit of the court, supported by his son Alexander, Isabelle Balkany has granted an interview to the journalist Ruth Elkrief, broadcast to 19 hours on BFMTV. “I’m obviously upset, bruised, sad, and worried for the man that I love for forty-three years. Because I’m proud of him, proud of what he has done and what he will accomplish, “said the fragile woman of 71 years to Ruth Elkrief. Isabelle Balkany was added does not understand why the sentences were so heavy against them : “We have always assumed, but it is also necessary that the sanction be proportionate to the fault. I thought, perhaps naively, that we placed under custodial arrest someone who was possibly a danger to the public order or which could leave France suddenly. This is obvious not the case.

A pip of health for Patrick Balkany

During a press conference in Levallois-Perret, Isabelle Balkany tried the incarceration “in addition to totally inadequate” to the state of health of her husband who knows, she said, “a pip of health, which is declared in the month of August” and “suffer enormously“. “By dignity, he did not want to talk about it before the judgment“, she continued. She said that she was “at the town hall, “and that it “continues to work for the Levalloisiens“.

Isabelle Balkany announced that she would be the mayor acting “since I’m following list, so I will lead the city council.” In fact, du made the call immediately filed by the lawyers of the spouses Balkany, the penalty of ineligibility for election the first deputy to the mayor of Levallois-Perret will not be effective. The article 2122-17 of the general code of territorial authorities states that”in case of absence, suspension, revocation, or any other cause, the mayor is temporarily replaced, in the fullness of its functions, by a deputy, in the order of appointments“.