Plus belle la vie – Coralie Audret criticized : “It is totally subjective”

Coralie Audret has made its first step in the series Plus belle la vie (France 3). The one that replaces Sara Mortensen, recently sacked, has presumably not unanimous. But it takes more to destabilize the actress.

Interviewed by our colleagues from Puremé, Coralie Audret has responded to the criticism that she has experienced when France 3 was put online a few days ago, one of her first scenes first-hand. “I am detached in the sense where I know that reactions to hot, in the emotion. Their reaction is not objective, it is totally subjective, so I can’t feel affected by it. At the bottom, they do not speak either to me, or Sara. They talk about themselves and their commitment to the series and how they see things. This does not mean we should reach in the first degree“, she said.

It is well known, sometimes it takes time for viewers to accept a comedian. Coralie Audret know and “trust in time, the stories that they will see unfold in front of them and then it will do it quietly“. “I have no concerns over that. I’ve already met some fans when filming outside. They were adorable and welcoming, “she continued.

The one who has taken up the role of Coralie Blain puts a little bit of time to do accept for some, but on the set, it is in conquered territory, since many actresses are friends to her : “It turns out that Sara is a long time friend, an actress that I admire very much. (…) And Delphine Rollin, who plays the role of Delphine, a character who doesn’t enjoy Coralie in the series, is a friend from before also.