R. Kelly is accused of prostitution of minor : referred by an arrest warrant

R. Kelly does not help his case. Last July, we learned that the singer was arrested on the basis of two new counts, to him who was already accused of having paid a minor for sexin Minnesota. The singer of 52 years would have paid this young girl of 16 years of age $ 200 for it is fully naked in his hotel room. While she was dancing for him, he would have masturbated in front of her. The artist, therefore, was prosecuted for “prostitution of a person under the age of 18 years”, for these facts dating back to 2001.

Then he had a hearing scheduled for 12 September 2019 13: 30, we learn today that he has not presented to the court, neither he, nor any of its representatives or lawyers, according to information from the american media Star-Tribune. An arrest warrant has since been launched against the singer. Note that it is currently in detention in Illinois, a State where he is pursued by thirteen charges, including child pornography.

An absence that should be a misunderstanding between the lawyers for R. Kelly and court of Minnesota. “I’ve never heard of the office of the prosecutor, I never received documents, and… no one has asked my client to be there, “said Steve Greenberg, one of the lawyers of the singer, in a written statement after the hearing Thursday. For its part, the tribunal shall have issued the summons since 8 August last, ordered R. Kelly to “go to court“, otherwise you will see an arrest warrant issued against him.

According to the lawyers of R. Kelly and the spokesman of the court of Minnesota, it is likely that the charges of prostitution for the acts of 2001 are added to those for which the singer is the subject in Illinois, since the two cases involve pedophilia.

As a reminder, the lawyer of the victim said that R. Kelly and his client have “danced together and had sex“, while admitting that this case will be difficult to disentangle, given that the evidence dates back almost twenty years. The lawyers of R. Kelly and the authorities are reporting that there has been “no penetration” between the singer and his victim. “I do not understand that these acts fall within the crime. But I hope that this will highlight the absurdity of all the charges brought against my client, “was considered a representative of the singer after TMZ.com.