The iPhone 11 Pro is a full head in this new commercial Apple

Flowers, ducks, bath toys, salad, ice cubes, chopsticks, and even… a piece mounted : in a new ad, Apple has retreated before nothing to demonstrate the shock resistance of the daily life of the iPhone 11 Pro. The smartphone takes it in the face of all kinds of objects more or less ragoûtants, which has a small side quite pleasing.

Apple has enhanced the durability of the iPhone 11 Pro, with a water resistance certified to IP68 (up to 4 meters of depth for up to 30 minutes), a better resistance to dust and liquid spills (coffee, tea, soda).

In the same lab equipped with a large fan, Apple has tested the system three sensors photo with an afghan hound very hairy. Here, too, it is fun and the demo of the night mode is pretty convincing.