The Voice Kids 2019 : Jenifer stings a talent Amel Bent, a former to return !

In The Voice Kids 6, children aged 7 to 15 years old come on stage to try to convince Amel Bent, Jenifer, Patrick Fiori and Soprano to integrate their team. New talent qualified on 13 September 2019.

Lola did better than Jenifer !

Lola (12 years old), who was champion of France in team gym, sings Out Here on My Own Irene Cara. Jenifer was the first to return. Patrick Fiori does the same and Amel Bent & Soprano eventually follow. The young girl is very emotional and did not return. “What can one say except that, in your voice, I hear all of this that I love Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand, “says Amel Bent. Jenifer explained that she had attempted to take on this song on one of her tours but she has never been able to do it with a voice as pure. Patrick Fiori outbid by telling that this is the first song that he sung when he was only 13 years old. Lola finally decides to join Jenifer.

Gaspard, a fan of old songs

Gaspard (8 years old) loves the “songs of old“. Hardly had he sang a few notes of Gottingen Barbara that Amel Bent turns. The relatives of the boy were in tears, and, for its part, Soprano is amazed that Gaspard ” understands so well the lyrics of this song. “When I heard your voice, I heard that you were not great. When I was your age, I was starting also to of songs too big for me. And nothing for having the courage to do that, I turn around. Even that there was a lack of accuracy, you made a delivery majestic“loose, Amel Bent. As it is the only one to be returned, Gaspard joined his team.

Justine puts everyone K. O.

This teen of 15 years old is the piano, bass, guitar, and drums. In the Face of the coaches, she’s singing on the piano Born This Way of Lady Gaga. After the first few powerful notes, Patrick Fiori and Soprano are amazed and they come back. Jenifer joins in, Amel Bent also. “This madness in this room ! You’re a powerhouse, “says Jenifer who insists on having in his team. Soprano is impressed and says that he is a fan of his energy. Amel Bent reminds us that the theme of this song is “self-acceptance“, and offers to accompany him to make “the revolution in it“. Justine chooses to join the team of Jenifer.

Ghali, a true “jewel”

As coaches, the public can discover the voice of this talent before his physical. The song chosen by Ghali (13 years old) is Jealous of Labrinth. Patrick Fiori is immediately captivated, Jenifer eventually decide to go for this young talent, originally from Morocco, as Soprano, Amel Bent ! The coaches are standing. Amel Bent has rarely heard as much of “sincerity” and “purity“. Soprano calls it “thejewel” and declares that this would be an “honor” to have him in his team. Patrick Fiori try to bribe them into going to see his family and says his sister wants to integrate his team (which is true) and it works !

Michel fan of rock music

This 13 year old boy is a fan of rock and sings T. N. T AC/DC. His rock attitude can convince Jenifer and Patrick Fiori. The performer of’The sun has been intrigued in the hearing and would be happy to have in his team. The other coach of corsican origin announces his side that he wants to have missed a young singer of metal the previous season and that he therefore wishes to catch up with him. Michel joined his team.

Nayana change of coach !

This young 14 year old girl who has a mom original thai and a daddy in switzerland, has lived in both countries and has sung in the family restaurant in Thailand. Artist in the soul, this daughter of tatoueuse draws. She performed Killing Me Softly – Roberta Flack the way of Jessie J. The song barely started, Jenifer et Amel Bent will return and all coaches are clearly blown away by this young talent to stamp amazing. In the end, they all want in their team and the public reserve to Nayana a standing ovation. “You’re what I like in music, (…) we do not know where it is, “says Amel bent. Soprano has had “kidney broken” by Nayana and loved it. The girl then declares that before going on stage, she has drawn the face of the coach that she would join if she was taken, but that she ultimately changed her mind. She leaves so a portrait of Amel Bent and announces that she wants to finally join the team of Jenifer. “It is horrible what you are trying to make me live, “says Amel Bent very disappointed. “Jenifer took my talent, my dignity and my artwork, “she says.

Clara sends heavy

The candidate of 12 years will not be coming for nothing, because his mom, who is “in love” of Nikos Aliagas, had an autograph of the host. Once on scene, the young girl sings Bang Bang Jessie J. Clara sends a result of the heavy and his flow convinces Soprano, and then Jenifer and Patrick Fiori. The girl is tearful because of the pressure that falls and the coaches flock to it for comfort. Jenifer loved her extraordinary voice, his charisma and his draws. She believes that Clara has to go very far in the adventure. Soprano has almost had the impression to attend a rap concert. In the end, Clara joined Patrick Fiori.

Amélie brings the coaches to their knees

This candidate 13-year-old from quebec sings Stone Cold of Demi Lovato, and done very very quickly unanimously. She is so comfortable in the treble and in the bass it impressive. “It’s pure, it’s authentic, “says Jenifer. Soprano is estimated that at any given moment, she was in another galaxy and that he wanted to accompany him. Patrick Fiori declares that he has rarely heard anyone sing as well as she. Soprano and get down on their knees in front of her but the candidate chooses to join the team of Amel Bent.


This young 14 year old girl, that one always takes for a boy because of her look, love to play guitar and sing. She was particularly appreciative of the rap and sings the title of Nekfeu, We’ll see. Soprano, Jenifer, Patrick Fiori will return. Soprano recalls that Patrick Fiori was blocked last week when just a talent had sung of Nekfeu and that, this time, it is out of the question that Lilo does not come in his team. Jenifer has noticed that in addition to singing rap, Lilou was capable of many other things. In the end, Lilou goes to Soprano.

Theo, a voice of adult

As coaches, the public can discover the voice of this talent before his physical. And what shocks all the coaches, it is that this stamp appears to belong to an adult. Theo, age 15, sings accompanied by his guitar, the song Wicked Game of Chris Isaak. Jenifer was the first to return. Soprano follows, and Patrick Fiori. “Thou hast a charm, an elegance, you are surprising, “says Patrick Fiori. On his side, Jenifer “love it all” and wants to “take care” of him. He joined the team Jenifer.

Leny, a former Kids return winner

This young home has participated in the show three years ago, but no coach had returned. He is back and plans to make him talk. He sings Papa of Bigflo and Oli with his guitar and snare quickly Soprano and Jennifer. For Amel Bent, he sings a bit like Ed Sheeran but she does not return, contrary to Patrick Fiori. Jenifer recognizes it, and she is thrilled to the bye. On Soprano, he called Bigflo and Oli in the hope that it persuaderait Leny join their team. And it works !

Enzo has a good swing

This young man of 14 years old sings Attention of Charlie Puth. Soprano turns around and reveals that he has loved his swing and that it will be “the surprise of the chef” by integrating his team.

Summary of the teams

Jenifer : Natihei, Mini Div, Roger, Aëlwenn, Esteban, Lena, Lola, Justine, Nayana, Theo.

Amel Bent : Antonia, Enzo, Laetitia, Matthias, Ali, Marie, Oceane, Jennifer, Amelie.

Soprano : Fannie, Soan, Lisa, Talima, Maëline, Lucas and Nathan, Gaspard, Lilou, Leny, Enzo.

Patrick Fiori : Fanchon, Eva, Valéria, Philippe, Eva, Ghali, Michel, Clara.