Apple hides the flag of taiwan on the iPhone to Hong Kong and Macao

It is a change brought by an iOS update 13, on which Apple is well guarded to communicate : the removal of the flag of Taiwan in the collection of émojis one iPhone sold in Hong Kong and Macau.

This is not the first time that Apple clears Taiwan this list of symbols. Last spring, she had removed all of its platforms running on devices sold in China. A diy accepted to please the Beijing authorities, a goal that later had caused crashes in iOS when users want to recover selectively the use of this flag by typing “Taiwan” in all letters.

When you change the Region setting of iOS on “Hong Kong”, the flag of Taiwan that we had left has gone to the right

In this case, it is from iOS 13.1.1 that Apple — always completely dependent on China as a market of production and sales of its products — has made this change, details developer the taiwanese. He threw a look in the system code of the 13.2 beta and compared it with that of the 13.0.

The two territories of Hong Kong and Macau, which are designated by the values “ZA” and “MB”, have been added to the exclusion list of this flag, which contained only the China (“CN”). A priori, this masking is not operational from the iPhone XS and XR sold on these two markets. The earlier models use a number different to designate Hong Kong (“ZP”).

Highlighted in yellow, the checks that are made before validating the display of the flag held in contempt of Beijing in the émojis

We can see this change in the easily add emoji with any iPhone, you just have to put on the region “Hong Kong” in the system settings. The distribution of flags available, currency exchange, and taiwanese is no longer there.

Since the new iOS also checks the commercial origin of the phone, the customers from Hong Kong and Macao can not simply change the region to boost that flag. There is still the option to display it by typing “Taiwan” in the text, iOS will then show the flag among sti suggestions. Or use this little shortcut that copies the flag in the clipboard.

Nothing prevents Apple to tighten again the screw in a next update. In China this flag is no longer displayed when it is received in the message of a match.