Cyril Féraud, the death of his dad: “He left in difficult circumstances,”

On June 20, 2019, Cyril Féraud has announced a very sad news to her fans on Twitter. The death of his father Michel, who died at age 65 of cancer. Guest this Wednesday, October 9, in the radio show Culture media of Philippe Vandel, on Europe 1, the host of Slam (France 3) is income on this tragic disappearance.

The presenter 34-year-old was first of all confided why he was required to animate a Music festival, it coanimait live on the 20th of June : “My dad is gone on Monday, this show was scheduled for the Wednesday live, it was one of his favorite shows, so I wanted to do it. (…) There are people who can say that, in this kind of situation, it should not work, it must remain locked up. I’ve done it for him, he accompanied me the whole evening, it has helped me to present this show and I made her this little wink at the end [a tribute, ED.].

Cyril Féraud was then referred to his last moments with his late dad : “I put in parentheses my schedule for a month and a half to accompany it. My father has gone to a cancer in very difficult conditions. I called all the productions. I was not in a state of turn. I accompanied him until the end.” Finally, he regretted having been paparazzé at the funeral, with his mom in the arm. “But it’s, it’s part of the raptors for this job“, he concluded.

In order to announce the death of his dad, to his fans, Cyril Féraud had commented on a photo of her late father : “The disease comes from me tear off my dad. Life is sometimes cruel. I am devastated with sadness and grievance. If you have the chance to have your parents, don’t forget to tell them everyday that you love them. #MichelFéraud #MonPapa #MaFierté #MonHéros.” He had then said in the end of the program Music festival : “I would like to kiss very strong this evening, someone who for the first year has looked at the Music festival, his favorite tv show, from above, from the stars, this is my dad, who I think very strong tonight.

Fans of the facilitator had the knowledge of Michel this year. With his wife Dominique, he cam on the board of Slam, a program broadcast on January 28, 2019.