Didier (love is in the meadow) “not frank” : Fatima talks about his “double game”

Coup de theatre in the episode of The ” love is in the meadow aired Monday October 7, 2019, on M6. Fatima has taken the decision to leave the adventure after the arrival of her rival Isabelle farm. Interviewed by telephone by Benjamin Castaldi – who replaced Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à my post (C8), Tuesday 8 October, the pretender is back on his departure and did not fail to scratch Didier.

It had started as in a fairy tale between Fatima and the breeder of cows 56-year-old. As soon As the speed-dating, the latter had had a blow of heart for its contender, and had therefore come to the farm. She was lucky, because her rival Isabelle had come two days after. It has used 100% of his Didier in which she saw herself already married. But the dream turned into a nightmare after that its competitor is coming. “I noticed that it was not fair when he saw Isabelle arrives, he changed his attitude towards me and that he had something to apologize for. As soon As he saw it, it was no longer going to. Initially, it went very well and as soon as he saw Isabelle, he changed. So, I couldn’t stay, “said Fatima. She then accusé the farmer of making “a little comedy“. “I was looking for someone sincere, serious. (…) In fact, these are not serious people [farmers]in the past, these are not truthful people“, she considered, feeling deceived. “I’ve given up because I never fought for a man“, she concluded. Yet it is (a little) the principle of the issue…

Since its passage in Key not at my post last Friday, Fatima receives less malicious messages. Accusé of being fake with Didier and simply want to get on tv, she was defended. It was then revealed that the farmer was not a virgin, contrary to what he had confided in her portrait.