For Logitech, the future of universal remote controls is clogged

It will be a day of universal remote controls as it went devices home automation that is enabled by striking of hands : booed if not swept away by the evolution of technology and usages.

Bracken Darrell, the boss of Logitech, and does not see a great future for its range of remote controls Harmony. At The Verge he confided that it was activity a little light in the product range of the brand : “6 % of the what Logitech keyboards “, which are the main activity with 20% of sales in the last quarter ($120 million, the pointers are in front of 129 million).

The interest of universal remote controls comes up against two obstacles. First, a certain concentration of services and functions within a number of domestic appliances is more reduced than in the past. A single TV gold single box today make the work of various bodies and specialized equipment. The dematerialization is passed through it. Then there was the advent of the wizards voice for the commander :

I think with time, there will be fewer people who will really need this universal remote control. Today the problem is different : you have 10 streaming services different and I want to watch Friends. I look at where ? Therefore, it is less a question of different devices of different streaming services.

Regardless of the selection criterion : price of the film, preferably for a service… regardless, this is not a universal remote that will simplify you the search : “It is probably the domain of other people “. In this case it is rather the intelligent assistants that offer a solution, far more than a remote control which has the first vocation to stupidly drive hardware.

Logitech has tried to merge Alexa with one of their remotes, the model Express in the United States. This is not the case in us and its price is prohibitively expensive (250 $) but the Harmony are generally expensive.

Harmony Express, not available in France

If Logitech expects more great thing of this class, his boss, sure that the customers ― apparently very loyal and attached to their Harmony ― will not be set aside overnight. The end of Harmony seems inevitable, aim Bracken Darrell is careful to say when it will disappear : “I don’t know “.

Logitech, Q1 2020

At the end of July, during the first quarter of fiscal 2020, Logitech announced a turnover of 644 million dollars. The division “Smart Home” that contains only the remote controls was the last one with 10 million, for the purpose of growing all the same 12% year-over-year. Universal remote controls from Logitech are not yet in a position that is losing money.