Google planning to make stis smartphone 5G on October 15,

Google has a smartphone 5G in preparation, ” says the Nikkei. It is hardly a surprise, Google has since become a manufacturer of smartphones as another, and the 5G is the next essential technology.

The future Pixel 4. Google Image.

Purpose the journal of japanese adds that the company plans to announce this model 5G as early as 15 October, when the next conference is Made by Google, without the leave immediately.

The other possibility is an announcement by next spring, at the same time as a Pixel that is less expensive, but that would mean losing the edge on the competition, including Apple, in the field of communication. This Pixel 5G would be currently subject to production testing.

There is less doubt about another announcement of 15 October, namely, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, which wander in the wild for weeks. According to the Nikkei, Google might also introduce a watch attached and a laptop computer.