Having a dog would increase the life expectancy according to a study

According to a new study and a meta-analysis published recently, having a dog would be associated with a longer life, and better cardiovascular health, in particular for survivors of heart attack gold STROKE.

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There is nothing like a dog to help people only to break the isolation…but also to increase stis, life expectancy, and improve cardiovascular health. It is in any case the claims of scientists after conducting a study on the subject.

In this study, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes , having a dog has indeed been associated with a longer life, and better cardiovascular outcomes, particularly in persons who survived cerebrovascular accident (STROKE) or a myocardial.

The researchers have compared the health records of owners and non-dog owners after a heart attack, gold stroke, using data provided by the national registry of Swedish patients. The patients studied were Swedish residents aged 40 to 85 years who had undergone a heart attack or an ischemic STROKE between 2001 and 2012.

Compared to individuals who did not have a dog,here’s what the researchers found among dog owners :

  • a risk of death in patients who have suffered a heart attack, living alone after hospitalization, 33% lower ; and 15% lower for those living with a partner gold a child ;

  • a risk of death in STROKE patients living alone after hospitalization, 27% lower and 12% lower than for those living with a partner gold a child.

At the same time, a large meta-analysis of studies has been conducted on the subject. The researchers examined the health records of more than 3.8 million people from 10 separate studies. Out of these 10 studies, nine included a comparison of the results for all-cause mortality for owners and non-dog owners, and four included a comparison of cardiovascular outcomes for owners and non-dog owners.

Results : compared to persons not having a dog, the dog owners had a 24 per cent reduction in the risk of all-cause mortality, a 65% reduction in their risk of mortality after a heart attack, and a 31% reduction in the risk of mortality linked to various cardiovascular problems.
The authors believe that having a dog pushes them to do more physical activity (even low intensity) every day, which contributes largely to the improvement of the long-term health.

Source : Heart.org

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