Jean-Baptiste Guegan victim of identity theft : His rant

New blow to Jean-Baptiste Guegan. The double voice of the late Johnny Hallyday was faced with a problem facing many of the influencers golden artists : identity theft on social networks. Monday, 7 October 2019, the one that we have known thanks to France has an incredible talent (M6) has published a message on her behalf Facebook in order to alert sti community.

We know that there are hackers who act on our pages Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ! They begin to talk to you via Messenger and quickly by SMS. The scam starts here !!! What is official is posted on this page gold via the official website of The Voice of Johnny. Reminder : there is no VIP card ! Jean-Baptiste does not speak on Messenger ! Please be careful“, could be read. A text alarming, which was accompanied with screen shots of the messages that the scammer has traded with his fans.

The state encouraged, in fact, the admirers of Jean-Baptiste Guegan to buy “coupons ” PCS“, or prepaid cards to 250 euros, in the offices of tobacco to obtain VIP tickets to his concerts, book signings and meetings with him and his team. What do dream the most naive.