Katy Perry unveiled a strapless grandiose at an evening dedicated to lingerie

Her outfit was required ! On Monday, 7 October 2019, Katy Perry went to the launch party of The KiT Undergarments, a brand of lingerie she likes, and she has decided to promote… in his own way. In a video she shared on her behalf Instagram, the young singer 34-year-old melts into a mass of impressive models in plastic before turning the head to reveal the deception. “I support them like their underwear to support me, “she wrote, tease, on the social network.

And actually, Katy Perry was offered a nice showcase for the brand, since it is strapless apparent that she joined the event organized in the city of Los Angeles. Her top, pastel blue, was so transparent that it left little to the imagination. A coquetry accessorised to the sauce, Swish Swish. Currently in the midst of a revolution of the seventies, the singer does not skimp on colors : in addition to the flower covering it with difficulty to her chest, she had chosen to slip into red pants with a thick orange belt. Attention to the eyes.

I don’t want to relive it

The guests may have benefited the vision of a dream gold crossing over Katy Perry, but the one and only one who will every morning “until death separates“, it is this guy d’Orlando Bloom. In love with her since 2016, the actor has finally put the knee on the floor hoping she says “yes” to the opportunity of the last Valentine’s day… and he was satisfied. It is important to me that we’re on the same wavelength, he explained, however, in the program “Sunday Today” with Willie Geist. I’ve been married and divorced and I do not want to go through this again. Before having Fireworks in the belly, Orlando Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr, to whom he had offered a ring very similar to that of Katy Perry. He is also a dad to a little boy of 8 years old named Flynn.