Miley Cyrus hospitalized : Cody Simpson at his side, he writes him a song

Bad news for Miley Cyrus. Tuesday 8th October 2019, the doctors have been diagnosed with tonsillitis, an infection (viral gold rarely bacterial) of the pharynx and palatine tonsils that causes serious sore throat. Transported to the hospital where she is bedridden, the singer of 26 years has, however, been able to count on the support of family and friends, who have succeeded one another at his bedside.

This disease, which is rather annoying when one is a singer falls ill : on the 12th of October next, Miley Cyrus is expected in the Gorillapalooza. This great event is organized by Ellen DeGeneres for the protection of the gorillas. Miley is supposed to happen there with Bruno Mars and James Corden. From his hospital bed, she has published a few photos on in the story : “I’m trying to heal as quickly as possible to be there for the Gorillapalooza this weekend!!! I send you good waves ! I hope that the gods of rock stars will send me a boost of badassitude and will help me get this crap of my body !

While hospitalized, Miley Cyrus wants to be reassuring about his state of health, which should improve within a few days, especially thanks to its close. “What you look like plays on your mood ! Thank you mom for helping this little patient that I am to feel better, to brush my hair. Mothers are the best !“, she said on Instagram when her mother Tish has visited him.

Flowers, letters, rose petals in bed… Miley Cyrus seems to have been very spoiled by her admirers. But the one who almost succeeded in healing it, that is her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson : “He arrived with roses and a guitar in his hands. No, I’m not crying.” But this beautiful Australian has had a particular attention to his well-beloved, a song written just for her. “Suddenly, I feel better. This boy so nice cam up to me and sang to me the song all the more cute of the world that it was written just for me. It is far too special to be heard by my ears so I put the pressure to it so the next week…“, has moved Miley Cyrus. We wish him a speedy recovery.