The auto retouch brush to iOS 13 is packed

There is something not right with the auto retouch brush to iOS 13. If you have found that this basic function of the mobile system from Apple would be messing around sometimes, replacing characters golden words by others without reason, you’re not the only one. There are obviously a few bugs that are still not fixed in the beta of iOS 13.2, in any case not for me.

Two inconsistencies of the self-corrector which are unbearable on a daily basis…

These bugs depend on the users, while not everyone has the same problems. In my case, the most troublesome is the propensity of the auto retouch brush to replace a dash – by a ^. I don’t know why it does this, but it is very annoying, especially as it is the symbol used for lists in Markdown. But it goes further than that, I also replaces automatically a smiley as “:-) “by something else, sometimes” the ” or something else, without me knowing why.

My case is not isolated, other complain about it regularly on social networks. The blogger John Gruber has published year article complaining about another strange case, where the proper name “Dobbs” was replaced by ” adobe “. In some cases, iOS 13 also adds accents by drawing in the dictionaries of other languages (English here, Portuguese here).

In almost all these examples, we can understand the logic of the auto retouch brush. For my dashes, for example, the sign ^ is placed just below the keyboard and maybe the circumflex is more common in French ? For Dobbs and Adobe, perhaps it is because on the virtual keyboard QWERTY, the A is located above the shift key used to type capital letters ? As for the words borrowed into another language, the users concerned have used these other languages in the past.

The word ” pó ” does not exist in English, but it is the Portuguese word for dust (screenshot @dazonic)

One can understand the reasoning of the algorithm behind the auto-corrector, not the excuse for all that. On this point, iOS 13 is much worse than his predecessors, and no solution is known. Some suggest that these bugs may be related to the new features of the virtual keyboard, on which you can drag to type out the words. You can turn this feature off, but I tried it and it didn’t change anything in my box. The hypothesis of a bug with this function remains credible and we can hope that Apple will eventually address the topic. If you do not use the slip, you can always turn it off to see if that improves things.

Some users of the betas of summer iOS 13 have noted a strange bug related to the keyboard. During the betas, preferred languages have been added without their knowledge in the settings. If you constantly of the words of another language which are suggested, you can always check to see if this is also your check in the Settings, General section, and then ” Language and region “.

You can also try to reset the dictionary keyboard for your iOS device, in Settings. But you will lose everything you have “learned” by cancelling the automatic corrections, and most of all… it changes nothing. In any case, all my problems have persisted after you reset the dictionary, so I don’t recommend it.