The Livebox 5 grows up to 2 Gbit/s, purpose misses out on Wi-Fi 6

Orange has presented to the press this morning sti’s new wireless router, Livebox 5. Stéphane Richard had been warned that he was not to expect a lot of new features, and the pattern of the historic operator has not lied. This new box to the retro design that evokes an old decoder Canal+ is not going to upset the market, a goal that enhances the offering of Orange on a few points.

Photo FrAndroid.

The most noticeable change is the passage of a maximum flow in fiber-optical 2 Gbit/s for downloading, and 600 Mbit/s in upload, the double of the current values. Orange did not go as far as Free and its 10-Gbit/s and most importantly, this increase in throughput has not been accompanied by a hardware exchange.

The Livebox 5 is always equipped with four gigabit Ethernet ports on the back, which means that you will not be able to exceed 1 Gbit/s per device. On the other hand, you will be able to obtain this maximum flow rate on two devices at the same time, which could be useful for larger needs. And if you prefer wireless connections, Orange has remained unfortunately the Wi-Fi 5, so that the new generation is now on the market, and while the Wi-Fi 6 can fit up to 6 Gbit/s in optimal conditions.

No change at the back, it has four gigabit Ethernet port (photo Le Journal du Geek)

The iPhone 11 would have been able to benefit from the best rates on the Livebox, but it will not be the case, even though Orange has promised a Wi-Fi optimized. The company has worked in particular on the stability of the network when multiple devices are connected, with a dose of intelligence… it is imagined to promote the devices for the most demanding.

The Livebox 5 changes little on features, purpose Orange has, nevertheless, made good progress on the ecological footprint of its box. It is expected to consume 17 % less energy than the previous model and the use of recycled plastic for its shell allows it to reduce stis emissions of CO2 of 29 % according to the operator. A good intention, but the lack of Wi-Fi 6 the deprive, without doubt, a life as long as hoped… However, the box may be fully recycled, clarified Orange to the press.

Photo Le Journal du Geek.

This Livebox 5 will be released tomorrow, October 10, 2019, with an offer that will start-30.99 € per month for a year (50 € per month standard rate). The current customers of the offers Livebox Up will be able to benefit from it for 2 € more per month. In exchange, in addition to the rats such as, they will have a Wi-Fi range extender, and a new key TV, which will benefit from new apps (it is not known which). For the time being, customers, Sosh will not be able to get this new box.