The OECD agreed on a new tax GAFA

Tim Cook, who called again a few days ago the implementation of a taxation system overall within the OECD, has been heard. The Organization of economic cooperation and development has published stis proposals on the taxation of large companies such as Apple, but also Amazon, Google, Facebook and all those companies which know better than anyone pulling the strings of the tax optimization. And burdening the public finances.

In detail, the organization promotes the possibility for a State to impose a undertaking which carries on an activity in the territory, a goal without having a physical presence. Currently, the GAFA pass through the profits made in France, in Germany and elsewhere in Europe to seats based in countries with tax very accommodating (Ireland, the netherlands, Luxembourg…).

Result : Apple country very little taxes in France, even if the manufacturer is regularly caught by the patrol to the tax man (the Apple has set this year two slates to nearly 600 million euros). According to the new rules proposed by the OECD, Bercy will require a multinational company to the extent of its actual activity.

The OECD says that this “unified approach” will involve the companies who have an online business (advertising, product sales), representing revenues of over € 750 million on the territory. To be taxable, companies will also need to interact directly with the consumers of the country. The Organization leaves it to governments to set the tax rate for companies.

These proposals have yet to be discussed by the main concerned, that is to say, the country. The G20, which will take place next week, will be precisely the occasion to discuss it. According to an official of the ministry of the Economy, a global agreement based on the OECD approach could be implemented in the next year. As the government was committed, it will allow France to withdraw sti tax GAFA which has caused a controversy between Paris and Washington (read : Tax GAFA : the United States and France are close to an agreement).