The Xbox is on sale in the Apple Store

This is not the accessory that one would have expected to see a day in the Apple Store, but now, Apple has referenced the wireless controller Xbox Microsoft. She joined the previous controller is used for MFi , which was the only remedy until now to play on iOS.

This is one of the new features in iOS 13 : the support for this controller is deemed to be in addition to the one from Sony (the DualShock 4 is absent from the online shop). A compatibility that goes hand in hand with the launch of Apple Arcade, some titles are more convenient to be played with the thumb (also read Gamepads, PS4 and Xbox One S on iOS 13, and Apple TV : make your games !).

On the Apple Store this rocker is sold at sti retail price of 59,95 €. Beyond the symbol of that presence it is not of great interest.

It is better to go to see elsewhere, can be found for example at 50 € for a Baker gold 45 € at Amazon in its white version.