Thierry Samitier accusé of “gestures” : the actresses are revelations

Our dear neighbours gold colleagues are not always those that we imagine. As reveals the website Médiapart, the actor Thierry Samitier is accusé of “inappropriate touching” by two actresses with whom he worked. Contacted, he said he was “enormously wounded” by these accusations and is expressed on each of them.

The actor was 55 years of age occurred on the boards at the theatre Daunou, Paris, in the play Boeing Boeing, in particular, to the side of the former sportsman, Franck Leboeuf. It had to be played from November 2018 to march 2019, a goal that has been suddenly’s arrested after accusations by two actresses. These have ensured that Thierry Samitier had been any inappropriate behaviour and have put a handrail up to “gestures“.

The facts would have started in October 2018, at the start of rehearsals. “It started gradually. In the beginning it was compliments, except that it began to be touch. Then I took a Velib, Thierry cam up behind me. He put his arm around my neck and he told me to ear that I was a actress fantastic. At the same time, he had glued her sex to the level of my buttocks. I am clear, under the shock, “said one of the actresses age 35, in his hand a common Médiapart has been able to consult. Contacted by our colleagues, Thierry Samitier recognized to have bound by behind, goal has denied that he stuck his sex in her ass.

A behavior moved

Another actress 39-year-old explained to have lived in a similar situation. The former star of TF1 would have complimented on his physical and would be regarded “with insistence” on several occasions, putting and uncomfortable. It would have happened at top speed on October 24, 2018, when it démaquillait alone in her dressing room : “I was bent to gain access to the mirror. Thierry cam up behind and stuck his sex against my buttocks, saying to me ‘Why do you fear me ?’ with a tone very perverse and he laughed. I looked at it spitefully and I shifted, and I then exit the lodge.” And a few days later, he would have tried to kiss her, while she was at the coffee machine. The fact that Thierry Samitier ned firmly.

Finally, it is the assistant to the director, who said he was embarrassed by her behavior, referring in particular to a message of the dredge on Facebook, in an attempt to kiss and “an attitude sometimes embarrassing” as the attempt to breathe in his neck. On this subject, Thierry Samitier explained that he had “a particular complicity” with it and has denied that he tried to kiss her. “I think there was very much loved. When we said hello, we took in the arm“, he added in regard to the breaths in his neck.

A situation that degrades

The situation would be worsened in early November when the performance began. “He took scenes of kissing to set the language when he had to kiss me in the frame of the piece. He has done that several times“, has detailed the actress of 35 years. Alerted, the director is, therefore, intervened to tell him that this behavior was unacceptable. However, it would have tried to do the same thing with the actress of 39 years and would have started over with the first, at the beginning of December. These testimonies have been confirmed by several members of the team, including Frank Leboeuf, who would have tried to come to the aid of one of its members. But once again, Thierry Samitier has denied that he intentionally made the language during scenes of kissing. “About 60 performances, there are at least ten times where the other feels that the language of the other in the action of the comedy. It is possible that she has felt my tongue. But I’ve never put my tongue in the mouth of an actress voluntarily. I don’t see the pleasure that I would be kissing a woman who doesn’t want to“, he justified.

The facts would have continued, which would have pushed the actress of 39 years to put a handrail on February 15, 2019 and his colleague, 4 march. They were reluctant to file a complaint online, but have finally given up. Alerted, the producer would have done everything to stop this and to make it more comfortable, particularly with a view to replace Thierry Samitier. But this was not done, much to the chagrin of the actress of 35 years : “I collapsed when I learned it. I began to tremble, to cry, and I couldn’t play three hours later.” The two alleged victims have called for a work stop, which prompted the production to stop the performance on the 11th march last. It is at this time that Franck Leboeuf in turn would have filed a handrail to report the facts. “I want to production because they were not large-thing, if not get it out of the lodges. This piece stopped because two women couldn’t most of these acts“, he regretted.

Thierry Samitier remains presumed innocent of the alleged offences, until a conviction.