This enclosure will allow you to create a Mac Pro cheaper than the Apple

You love the aesthetics and the ergonomics of the enclosure of the new Mac Pro, but you know very well that it will be totally out of price for you ? The Dune has a solution ! This designer of enclosures for PC was already remarked out in 2016 for its Dune Box, a package that tried to mimic the design of the Mac Pro previous. Sti new product, the Dune Pro, tackles the design of the new model and on the pictures given by the manufacturer, it is very convincing.

The Dune Pro.

The Dune has taken over the very unique design of the front facade, with a metal grid which serves to reduce the noise generated by the components inside. There are also hoops of metal and even the general design, with a housing that pulls out completely to provide ample access to components. These arches also serve as handles to lift the whole.

The front is more polished than the rear, which displays a wide opening to accommodate all of the components that one might want to put it in a PC. The interior is simpler than at Apple, where everything is organized so as to minimize the occupied space and maximize ventilation :

Here, we have a big space that will fit any motherboard, and especially any graphics card up to 380 mm long and to just about any allotment, including water-cooling if you wish. The Dune has seen wide with seven PCI slots, three spaces for traditional hard drives in the 3.5 inch format, five to SSDS, 2.5-inch, not counting the rentals M2 motherboard.

The front grille is optional, in fact illusion. The interior is more simple than the one from Apple, but you won’t see it ever. The back is also more simple, so that the housing will be compatible with any component.

You will be able to assemble any PC, an entry-level model or, on the contrary, the best of what is done today… for a price that is certainly much less than Apple. Dune indicates that the AMD processor Threadripper 2990WX (approximately 2 000 €) with its 32 cores can be installed without difficulty, but if you want to make a hackintosh, it will be recommended instead of the high-end of Intel, as the Core i9 9980X (approximately 2 030 €) with 18 hearts.

As a reminder, the Mac Pro will begin in the entry level range with a processor with 8 cores and there will be several options up to 28 cores, at a rate which remains to be determined. Of course, Apple uses the range Xeon processors from Intel that brings several advantages, such as ram memory protected, but the price/performance ratio in daily life will always be to the detriment of the computer of Cupertino.

The ventilation of the Dune Pro is more simple than the Mac Pro, with a flow of air from the front to the rear. Two filters anti-dust will be provided by the manufacturer.

The Mac Pro will retain advantages in terms of finishes, and of course simplicity, a hackintosh involving putting the hands in the sludge. If the idea interests you in spite of everything, the Dune Pro will be available for preorder on Kickstarter starting on October 21.

We will then know more about the rates requested, which may be salty compared to a case of the average PC. And also on the delivery dates : what is the Dune will be able to surpass Apple ? It is known that the Mac Pro should be out by the end of the year, but it is not yet known when…