Valérie Trierweiler has not “digested” the rumors of a rush of blood to 3 million

She was a first lady unloved, mistreated by the press, the social networks and the French. His visit to the Elysée at the time of his relationship with the former president of the Republic François Hollande, Valérie Trierweiler has, in particular, suffered from a rumor : a rush of blood which would have had an exorbitant cost.

In the program Clique, presented by Mouloud Achour on Canal+, the former first lady spoke on Tuesday 8 October, the release of his book There is a new (Bullring). When questioned about the “fake news” which she was the victim during the two years she spent as first lady and after, including a supposed affair with Alain Delon – Valérie Trierweiler was reminded of the one who has the most disgusted. “I say, and maybe I can tense up when I talk about it, because I have not yet digested, this is when you have to believe that I had broken the furniture at the Elysee palace for 3 million euros and the dishes,“she remembered. A scene that would have supposedly occurred when she had learned the relationship between François Hollande and Julie Gayet.

It’s faux, archifaux. There has been denials, the Mobilier national, of the Elysium, I have denied myself, but it does not prevent it to be recurrent and come back again. (…) You disclaimed, it continuous. Well, I think that it is better to deny it because if you don’t disclaimed not, they will say : ‘Well, yes, a goal she has not refuted, therefore it is true.’ It is very complicated. You disclaimed, it appears elsewhere, it always comes out“, she added.

Today, the reporter from Paris Match has resumed year almost normal life. At 54 years of age, she has even found love in the arms of the former linebacker Roman Magellan, is launched in the scripture and watch over his three sons.

Thomas Montet