Christophe Maé, the few confidences about his wife : “She was there before the success,”

In couple since 2004 with Nadège Sarron, Christophe Maé is madly in love with it. This is also the only person of his entourage, to whom he can give his opinion on his career. “The only person that can tell me if I’m wrong or not, it is my wife. Nadège was there before the success”, he said in Paris Match. He recalls that his wife “is living all the year in Aix” as he walks down the road and went to Paris two days per week. The secret of the longevity of this couple would therefore be held to the long absences of Christophe Maé. “Our relationship is built on eclipse”, he says in the columns of the Gala. At the time, it is a “clown” who walks the piano bars, “up to three hundred concerts per year”. Since then, the career of Mae has been accelerating. “On the other hand, when I get home, I am available to be one hundred percent”, he says.

As soon As the opportunity arises, he calls his Jules, age 11, and Marcel, age 6, via FaceTime to talk about school, family, friends. “At this point, they are completely into hip-hop, “he said to Gala. They spend all the same to see me at the studio. The smallest plays the drums and I sometimes accompany him to the guitar, tells the story of the singer who admits to loving to share these “moments of music together”. As the largest, after being put on the piano, “it is in a phase of ‘chicks’”. Fortunately, the three get together to play football… Nadège would have even had to get out there to follow !

It does nothing to take advantage of the chance he has to make this profession : “Every minute that I do this business, I savored fully. But I also know that everything could have been otherwise. Is it that I would have been unhappy ? Probably.”

The last appearance of the couple date of Saturday, November 9, 2019 at the 21st ceremony of the NRJ Music Awards held at the Palais des festivals and congresses of Cannes.

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