EnjoyPhoenix : The reason for his posts Instagram tell him as much

It is a fact, today the stars of the reality tv and bloggers have become real machines money. In addition to their numerous television appearances, they are daily present on the social networks. Followed by millions of subscribers, they have a very active community and very responsive.

Their followers have found, a non-negligible part of the content produced by these celebrities is to advertise for brands. To the extent that this practice has now become their main source of income. As we revealed in the magazine Tele Loisirs, the money generated by their many shoots does not represents more than 30% of their salaries, compared with 60% for product placements.

The stars of Marseille (W9) are very strong in this game. As well, Jessica Thivenin, which has 4.8 million followers on Instagram, became a real machine to publicity, Julian Tanti, who recognises, meanwhile, 3.5 million followers. However, the palm is back, Mary Lopez, alias EnjoyPhoenix. And if this last account exactly the same number of subscribers that the beautiful Jessica Thivenin, recently became a mother, she earns much more money : up to € 30,000 for a single publication sponsored according to Tv Leisure. Has monetization that does not correspond only to the number of people that the young woman touches with its social networks, but also to the quality of the commitment of its subscribers with it.

For Magali Berdah, creative agency, communication Shauna Events, the explanation is very simple : “today, the price of a product placement varies depending on the commitment of the community of personality and not according to the number of subscribers. Some earn up to € 1 500 per post, while others affect 10 000 euro“, she explains.

Most of the time, these are the brands which come to directly contact with celebrities. “Brands have understood that candidates reality tv had faithful communities and involved. By making the product placement with them, they succeed in reaching their targets, “continuous Magali Berdah. Thus, the mark Around baby has recently offered a child’s room to Carla Moreau, for his daughter Ruby. “If mark had wanted to do advertising on the tv, she would have spent between 30 000 and 50 000 euros. By offering Carla Moreau, of Marseille, a house for little Ruby, she spends the same amount, goal is sure it will speak to his community, “said the agent. A process that is effective for everyone !

Today, according to the information of Tv Entertainment, the biggest stars bag between 100 000 and 150 000 euros per month if one includes their product placements and television appearances.

Perrine Némard

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