Samsung abandoned the development of hearts custom chips Exynos

Like Apple and Huawei, Samsung develops its own processors, based on the architecture and design Arm. It is from there that come out when the chips Exynos, which equip the smartphones of the Korean manufacturer (that pen with Snapdragon in some corners of the world). As at 31 December, the research and development unit of the hearts custom Samsung, based in Austin, Texas, will close sti doors. The 290 employees that are working on these chips will lose their jobs, says WCCFtech.

Samsung, which had invested a total of $ 17 billion in this adventure, will appeal to the Arm to provide the performance engines of its chips, as is already the case for hearts saving his chips Exynos. The four cores more powerful the Exynos 9830 might as well be of the Cortex-A77 Arm, rather than cores developed in-house.

The transition to SoC containing only Arm cores, however, may be a bit complicated to follow in the medium term. TheExynos 990 announced at the end of October will embark of hearts ” Samsung “, but it feels fir for the development house these components. On the side of the CPU, the mass seems to be said for Samsung. In contrast, for GPU, the manufacturer retains clearly some ambition.

In June, Samsung and AMD announced a partnership : the two companies are working together to improve the graphics capabilities of the systems-on-chip is the first one with the AMD Radeon in the second. It will take until 2021 to see a first aircraft so equipped. Samsung could take the opportunity to design a custom GPU sti hand for future terminals.

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