The us court postpones execution after a wide mobilization

The american justice has suspended Friday, five days of the due date, the execution of a death row inmate who proclaims his innocence and has received the support of celebrities, elected officials and millions of Americans.

Year appeals court in Texas has decided to grant a respite to Rodney Reed, a Black american 51-year-old who was supposed to receive a lethal injection Wednesday.

Just before this decision is made public, the office of the graces of Texas had already recommended unanimously to defer sti execution, the time to consider new evidence presented by his lawyers.

“Excellent news!”, tweeted on Martin Luther King II, son of the famous defender of civil rights, which had joined its voice to a broad mobilization campaign in support of Rodney Reed.

The star of reality tv Kim Kardashian, singers Rihanna gold Beyoncé, and several elected officials from both parties, including republican senator Ted Cruz, had asked for a reopening of his case.

Two petitions on the internet were also collected 3.5 million signatures.

In 1998, Rodney Reed was sentenced to death by a jury entirely white for the rape and murder of Stacey Stites, a white woman of 19 years.

Traces of his semen were found on the victim, but he has always proclaimed his innocence, explaining that they were in a relationship secret.

Stis defenders believe that the evidence obtained after the trial gave credence to his version of the facts and point to another suspect: the boyfriend of the victim, Jimmy Fennell, a former police officer who has since served ten years in prison for another rape.

“Evidence that exonerates Mr. Reed and criminalize Mr. Fennell continued to accumulate,” wrote his lawyers in their complaint to the office of the graces of Texas.

In this document, they have several testimonials to discharge for their client, including those of a former colleague of the young woman who was confirmed to have been informed of its binding secret with Mr. Reed.

A former co-inmate of the police has recently revealed that Jimmy Fennell, to him, confessed to having killed his girlfriend because she “slept in the back, with a Black”-they write-yet.

A time suspected of the crime, Jimmy Fennell has always denied having played a role in the death of his girlfriend.

Lawyers for Rodney Reed have also introduced a recourse before the supreme Court, asking him to suspend the execution of their client.

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