The White House has published the transcript of a new call between Trump and Zelensky

Washington | The White House has released Friday, in full hearing at the Congress in the framework of the procedure of impeachment aimed at Donald Trump, a short account of a first call between the american president and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, who was then being elected.

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This conversation, apparently insignificant slice with another call between the two leaders, on the 25th of July, at which Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Zelensky of “bend over” on his rival, democrat Joe Biden, had alarmed a whistleblower in the United States, who had reported to his superiors. It is this call, which the White House has also published a transcript, which has triggered the opening by the elected democrats of an investigation into the impeachment of the president.

At the same time as the hearing of an ex-ambassador in Ukraine began in the context of this investigation , the White House has released the transcript of a second call, which is, in reality, the first between the two leaders, which took place on 21 April.

Not to mention the investigation or the u. s. policy, Mr. Trump is happy to congratulate Mr. Zelensky: “I have many friends in Ukraine who know you and appreciate you. (…) They think, frankly — they expected you to win. And it is really amazing what you have done.”

“When you will be installed and ready, I would like to invite you to the White House”, is also said Donald Trump.

According to the testimony of several officers, this invitation was later put in the balance by Washington as a reward made to the leader, to ukraine in exchange for the opening of an investigation on the former vice-president Biden and his son, Hunter, who was employed by a gas company of ukraine.

The Ukrainian president, who, during the call rented several times Mr. Trump as a “model”, prompts his side – without success – the american president at his inauguration ceremony, and he promised to “work on his English” in view of their meeting.

The democrats suspect that the billionaire republican have abused his presidential powers to his benefit policy, asking Kiev to investigate Joe Biden, well-placed to deal with it in November 2020 for the presidential election. Donald Trump says that the appeal of 25 July was “perfect”.

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