Trump stamps his mark on the courts: 160 judges confirmed since his election

The u. s. Senate has once again endorsed Thursday the nomination of a controversial judge, bringing to 160 the total number of magistrates and curators chosen by Donald Trump, who intends to make these appointments argument the flagship of his re-election campaign.

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Steven Menashi, a lawyer of 40 years who works at the White House, has been confirmed to the post of judge to the powerful federal appeals Court in New York, with a vote of 51 against 41.

Several elected democrats and a senator, republican were opposed to his appointment, accusing him of a lack of experience and to have expressed views controversy in several publications.

He had been pinned to have accusé the activists of gay rights to have exploited the murder of the young gay man Matthew Shepard political purposes, or to have defended the concept of ” ethnic nationalism “, often taken over to the extreme right.

It was ” a terrible toll in terms of equality between the sexes, on the racial issue, the rights of LGBTQ gold migrants “, had, inter alia, on Twitter the democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Before the passage of the voting, the leader of the republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, had, however, called “for all his colleagues to confirm “the appointment of” candidate is impressive “.

According to the u. s. Constitution, the president shall booster lifetime judges of the supreme Court and federal judges. It is then up to the Senate to confirm his choice by a vote.

During the campaign in 2016, Donald Trump has secured the support of the electorate as a traditional conservative, promising to extra judges faithful to their values. And this electoral base that he is grateful to have kept his promise.

Since his inauguration, thanks to the republican majority in the Senate, he obtained the confirmation of 160 judges, including two to the supreme Court, one 860 positions, according to the official website of the Federal judicial center.

“There will be 182 in two months,” assured the billionaire recently in reference to the twenty candidates who are waiting for the green light from the Senate.

The president has his choice about candidates young and adoubés by the organization of the conservative ” Federalist Society “, ensuring to leave a mark on the justice of his country beyond sti mandates.

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