Year adviser to Trump wanted to make secret conversational Ukrainian

Year adviser to Donald Trump”s recommended to restrict access to the conversation with the head of the Ukrainian State which has triggered the current impeachment of the american president, according to his testimony to Congress made public Saturday.

Timothy Morrison, an expert on Ukraine at the White House, told the Congress that he had immediately realized the character sensitivity of the phone call between Donald Trump and the president of ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25.

In this appeal, the transcript of which has finally been published by the White House at the end of September, Mr. Trump had asked his counterpart to investigate democrat Joe Biden, well-placed to deal with it during the presidential election of 2020.

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The conversation is at the centre of the procedure of impeachment by the democrats, who accused the billionaire republican have abused his presidential powers.

“I have recommended (…) to restrict access” to the transcript of the conversation, said Mr. Morrison. However, he added that he did not detect anything wrong in this exchange.

The phone call was finally made public in September after the intervention of a whistleblower.

The testimony of Mr. Morrison shows that the phone call from the president Trump the 25 July with the Ukrainian president, Zelensky had immediately triggered the alarm bells throughout the White House,” said in a press release Adam Schiff, the elected democrat who leads the investigation against Mr. Trump.

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