4 marriages per 1 honeymoon : Sandrine eaten away by the cancer, her husband tells

To immortalize the most beautiful day of their lives, David and Sandrine have invited teams of 4 marriages for every 1 honeymoon at their ceremony. An initiative all the more symbolic that the bride is sick and fights against cancer for two years now. And unfortunately, his condition does not seem to be getting better. For our colleagues from Wife today, David has agreed to deliver, confident that his companion was “very, very tired” since their participation in the programme of TF1.

She lives with a sword of Damocles above the head. We don’t know what tomorrow will be made. It may be with us tomorrow, in a month or in six months… We don’t know. Excuse me if I’m excited.” In his eyes, Sandrine is a true force of nature. “Sandrine is a woman who deserves respect, she is an example for the people who live this fight.” And reveal that this is his fifth cancer : “It started with a cancer of the cervix, but it was very aggressive and has invaded the entire body. One month after the end of the shoot, she had a brain hemorrhage and lost the view. Recently, we learned that she had a tumour stage 4.”

If David comes out of silence today, it is because of the many negative comments received by Sandrine during the whole of last week. It calls for tolerance by highlighting the dubious practices of the production. “That one is critical of the decoration, the dress, the venue, the buffet, okay. But not the person itself. Maybe I’ll put myself in the production-to-back, but I don’t have nothing to waxing : you know, all candidates are pushed to be critical. (…) He was asked to criticize, because if everyone says that everything is super, this is not the seller. We all know that, in this genre, it must always be a plague. The production was made so that it rotates around it, but it took too big“, he complained.

Despite the false image portrayed by Sandrine by the setting of the show, David has wanted to watch the episodes with her, especially since she has recovered 20% of his vision. “I wanted. It was the most beautiful tribute one could have. It was beautiful. Even if I have been able to criticize the production, I think they did a very nice job to showcase the most beautiful moments of our wedding. We were very moved, it made us a lot of good.” To conclude, David renews his vows to accompany his wife until the end, whatever it costs. “I will never abandon my wife. Never, until she drew his last breath.

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