4 marriages per 1 honeymoon : Sandrine bedridden and infused, the photo shock

The honeymoon is not the most happy for David and Sandrine. Last Thursday, the couple from Saint-Georges in Belgium joined in front of his loved ones, but also to the teams of TF1 for the show 4 weddings for 1 honeymoon. The most beautiful day of their lives was a real success in their eyes. But at the end of the shooting, the state of health of Sandrine deteriorated.

Cancer of the cervix that has spread, this mother of four children has been the victim of a hemorrhage that resulted in him losing the sight. “I’ve made a cerebral hemorrhage shortly after the wedding. I’ve lost the view ! I still have 20% left eye” she confided to The Meuse river by agreeing to reveal itself. In fact, on the newspaper”s website, She appears lying on a chair, and infused to the sides of David. A fighter until the end, she knows she can rely on her husband, has support of size. “With David, we will be united in the good and in the bad times…” Unfortunately, her chances of escape dwindle by the day. “A few weeks ago, the doctors were adamant ! There is nothing more to do, to share time-saving life“, says David.

The Face of The disease, the latter would now launch a non-profit association that would keep the company to persons isolated and sick. “For the past two years, we made trips to the hospital with my wife. I see a lot of people who are affected by cancer or other and that are only. In a day, if I spend 5 minutes in each room, this is not going to change anything in my life… however, for those people who are terminally ill, their day will have been turned upside down because they will have discussed with someone“, he says. As for the criticism that has been able to receive Sandrine after the release of its passage in the emission of the A, this is no longer of any importance. “I don’t care what you think of me. I know what I saw all day ! I thank all the people who have supported me and who have not written a judgment in my regard, “she concludes.

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