A candle in the scent vagina, the new aberration gynaecological Gwyneth Paltrow

What is it that would not be Gwyneth Paltrow to sell new products and make the buzz ?

The american star, whose series The Goop Lap will be out soon on Netflix, has once again distinguished itself for these extravagances in terms of intimate hygiene and gynecological. This time, the actress of 47 years, offers for sale on her website Goop…a candle in the scent vagina ! Brand Heretic, it is called literally “This smells like my vagina”, literally “it smells like my vagina”. Already out of stock, the spark plug is the cost of “modest” sum of $ 75, gold 67,20 euros.

Purpose rest assured, this candle is not made with ingredients from the vaginal flora. It contains notes of geranium, citrus bergamot, cedar, and rose of Damascus. Simply, when the creator of said candle did it feel to Gwyneth Paltrow, they would have exclaimed that it smelled like her vagina. It was not necessary any more to rename the candle and sell on the site of the star.

The american actress, regularly share beauty tips, very controversial, if not dangerous, on her lifestyle website. In September 2018, it has even been condemned by the courts of California to the equivalent of 125 000€ fine for “misleading advertising”. The star boasted then of the merits of eggs of jade to put in the vagina to enhance sexual fulfillment, improve the tone of his perineum, and even globally boost the feminine energy. Allegations that, in addition to not be scientifically based, are dangerous. this practice exposed them to risks of infection and problems with perineal, is the reverse of what the expected effect.

Also advised by the star, the sauna vaginal should also be avoided, since it exposed them to a risk of vaginal infections and severe burns. As the vagina has it that it is “self-cleaning” : douching and other practices aimed at the cleaning of the interior should be avoided because they harm the vaginal flora which protects against pathogens.

Source : Goop.com

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