A fish of 50-year-old and weighing 160 pounds caught in Florida

MIAMI | It looks like a monster straight out of a horror movie: a group of 50-year-old, human-size and a weight of 159 pounds, has been sin in Florida, becoming one of the most old taken never caught.

“The biologists of the laboratory of the Institute of wildlife estimate stis age at 50 years, which makes him the oldest specimen, collected by our program dating”, wrote Friday on his page on Facebook the institute, enclosing a picture of the sinner proudly displaying his catch, almost as big as him.

To calculate the age of this “group Warsaw”, the scientists analysed the otoliths (tiny stones of mineral and nestled in the ears) of the giant fish.

The fish was caught off the West coast of Florida, 180 meters deep, on the 29th of December.