A lobbyist specializing in drones at Apple

Since last December, Apple enlisted the services of Lisa Ellman to influence legislation by u. s. drones and aviation, tells Bloomberg. This lobbyist heads the law firm of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and she co-founded the Commercial Drone Alliance whose goal is to push the expansion of the industry in the uav business.

Image : Pixabay

Lisa Ellman is only one of the many little hands in the service of Apple, the company that has swallowed up $ 5.5 million in lobbying during the first three quarters of last year. Among the areas in which Apple is trying to placate the federal political, we find the taxes and fees, confidentiality, copyright, immigration… The drones, it is less common.

Apple uses drones to collect map data ; last month, Apple has just met with regulators about a system of license plates virtual to identify the drones. And of course, the manufacturer sells drones in its shops.

Beyond these fun little flying machines, Apple is also interested in the satellites. A specialist of the air will probably not be too much to lighten up the heavens legislative of the manufacturer (read : Apple should have strengthened his team that specializes in the satellite).

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