A reference to a new portable Mac as the basis of the EEC

Apple has new MacBook Pro 13″ below the elbow ? It is that suggests a recording made in the database of the Russian Eurasian Economic Commission.

This new entry noticed by MacRumors , is relative to a model registered A2289 and described as a mobile phone, which is bundled with macOS 10.15.

After the launch of MacBook Pro 16″ equipped with a new keyboard scissors, the same is expected for the range below. Even a family with a plate from 14″ to better distinguish it from the MacBook Air. This configuration detail is not included in this database.

A year ago, it was through this connection that the latest iPad-to-date have been pre-announced, like the iPhone 11 before them, and the laptops 16″. It is therefore a good indicator of a launch to come, a goal without being able to know at what time. The last revision of the scales 13″ Apple goes back to this summer.

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